trACK Nantucket

ReMain Nantucket just released “trACK Nantucket”, a free phone app that offers a brand new way to discover and explore the island. TrACK sports 8 different routes that allow you to transform your bike ride into an insider’s tour. TrACK gives audio directions and alerts riders when they have reached a landmark or highlight along the way to learn fun facts about where you are.

Many of our past projects have supported multimodal means of transit as a critical component in reducing our reliance on the fossil fuels. We are committed to helping people on Nantucket get around the Island in environmentally responsible ways that respect the inherent beauty and natural environment of this place and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to our collaboration with twelve local partners - photographers, nonprofit organizations, bike businesses and the NP & EDC - every highlight comes with interesting photographs and informative facts.

This mobile app for biking is one more way to inspire people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

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