Learn Without Leaving

Learning has always been at the center of our island community, and ReMain has invested in that premise through our work at 56 Centre and 22 Federal. We have collaborated with University of Massachusetts and the Nantucket Community School on programming in the downtown for the past several years, and established a joint research project with them in 2014.

The consulting firm of EDR Group has been commissioned to study the educational needs of Nantucket’s year-round and seasonal residents called the Learn Without Leaving study.  In the fall of 2014, 650 people participated in surveys, while several focus groups, and personal interviews were conducted. EDR Group compiled this information and documented those needs, so that future programming can be targeted at areas of the greatest demand. As part of this research, our collaborators had surveyed online anyone and everyone who has thoughts on this subject.

Our hope is that students of all ages and backgrounds, residents or those just here for a few days or a few months will inhabit our town, patronize our shops and restaurants and share their experiences as they learn and grow. EDR Group released the executive summary of their findings on January 15th and the full report on March 24th.

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