Nantucket Race Week is hosted at the Nantucket Yacht Club and the Great Harbor Yacht Club to benefit Nantucket Community Sailing, a non-profit, educational organization that provides affordable access to sailing and water sports to the public.

Race Week continues to educate the public and its participants about the need to protect our harbor and the sea that surrounds us as we use the water recreationally. The races were certified as 'Clean Regattas' under the standards established by Sailors for the Sea. The result: less waste and less debris in the water and on the shore, and a reduction in the many diffuse sources of water pollution that degrade the health of the ocean.

Through its sponsorship of Race Week, ReMain Nantucket hopes to create an awareness of the ties that bind our historic downtown and our harbor, the Island and the ocean beyond and focus attention on the importance of respecting the environmental integrity of our harbor which affords recreational opportunities to any and all and provides a critical link with the mainland. Ultimately, the future of our downtown, our harbor and the ocean that surrounds us, is interconnected. The success of each contributes to the other, as a rising tide floats all boats.

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