Nantucket Energy Office

During the fall of 2010, the Town of Nantucket requested the financial support needed to create an Energy Office. In keeping with our philosophy that resourceful thinking and objective research will help strengthen Nantucket’s future, we provided funding to found the Nantucket Energy Office. Our goals are simply to help the Town communicate with the public on a wide range of energy-related subjects and acquire the technical assistance needed to provide informed choices with respect to energy efficiency and “renewables” projects.

The Nantucket Energy Office was established in July, 2011, and since then has been actively helping the Town identify and implement energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy programs that are economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially beneficial for Nantucket. The Office operates under the direction of Town Administration and works closely with the Nantucket Energy Committee.

At ReMain, we believe that the basis of any good decision-making process is good information and we are committed to enlisting the talents of outside experts to guide our collection of facts, to help in its analysis, and to present that information to the community with fairness, balance, and transparency.

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