Water Quality

Nantucket owes its very existence to the sea. ReMain recognizes the essential connection between the harbor as our deep water port and the historic downtown because a healthy harbor, clean beaches and bountiful waters form the foundation of our local economy-for fishing, recreation, tourism and transport. We support efforts to protect the environmental integrity of our harbor and the waters that surround us. Ultimately, the future of our harbor, our town and the surrounding waters is interconnected.

Concerned about the potential impacts of nutrient loading on the harbor and committed to expert independent research on important issues facing our community, in 2010 ReMain joined with the Nantucket Community Association, Nantucket Yacht Club, Great Harbor Yacht Club, Anglers Club, Nantucket Conservation Foundation and various individuals, in funding a Water Quality Monitoring Project through the Town of Nantucket's Marine and Coastal Resources Department. The Town continues the important work of ongoing water quality monitoring project.

ReMain has hosted various presentations about water quality monitoring and the scientific research that is being conducted in the harbor, and has funded research on topics ranging from bay scallop propagation to algae blooms.   

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