ReMain Nantucket Grants

In the past, ReMain has provided sponsorships to a variety of non-profit events with the aim of improving sustainability on the island. In order to form meaningful and constructive relationships through these sponsorships, ReMain developed the ReMain Sustainability Guidelines. These guidelines list the best ways to supply, organize, and operate events in keeping with the demands of good environmental stewardship. By means of these guidelines and thoughtful sponsorship choices, ReMain helped reengineer the way events are held on-island towards the pursuit of a greener future.

In 2016, ReMain redirected and enhanced its non-profit support towards program development, organizational enhancements, downtown vitality, educational opportunities, community building and more into a grant platform through the Community Foundation For Nantucket. Grant-seekers are encouraged to evaluate whether their project or program is eligible for a ReMain Nantucket Fund Grant. Information and resources concerning our grantmaking process - criteria, applications, and evaluations - can be found at

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