Science In Process

During the summer of 2010, the Nantucket Community Association and ReMain Nantucket co-sponsored an event in which local scientists explained the variety of scientific studies that were conducted in Nantucket Harbor.

The presentations focused on why and how the research is being conducted rather than specific results or conclusions. "There are some superb studies that utilize the harbor as the laboratory," explained Melissa Philbrick, Executive Director of ReMain Nantucket. "We want to showcase these efforts and help the public understand how these individual efforts can lead to a greater collective understanding of the natural resource which is our harbor."

Various water quality monitoring projects as well as scallop propagation, eel grass restoration, and horseshoe crab population studies were presented. "The quality of the water in the harbor is of critical concern to fishermen, scallopers, sailors, and all those who enjoy the harbor," says Nantucket Community Association Vice President Buzz Goodall.

A healthy harbor forms the foundation of our local economy – for fishing, recreation, tourism, and transport. There is a strong connection between the health of Nantucket's harbor and its downtown, as one cannot thrive without the other.

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