Nantucket Preservation Trust Symposium

A conference about saving historic structures and neighborhoods in the face of rising sea levels was the subject of a well-attended symposium called Keeping History Above Water. Presented in June 2019 by the Nantucket Preservation Trust and the University of Florida’s Preservation Institute Nantucket, it explored current resiliency planning, 3D visualizations of sea-level rise, and other adaptation trends. The workshop was developed in collaboration with ReMain Nantucket.

At the symposium, ReMain introduced award-winning environmental photographer and filmmaker, James Balog, as a guest speaker for the workshop. He shared stories of his 40 years as a National Geographic photographer and his discoveries about the human modification of nature that led him to create the Extreme Ice Survey and the Earth Vision Institute along with his eye-opening films, Chasing Ice and The Human Element. Balog is a global spokesman on the subject of climate change and the human impact on the environment.

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