ReMain seeks to promote the wiser use of natural resources in all of its operations, from simple office practices to major collaborations and investments. Our Sustainability Guidelines are a great tool for businesses wishing to lighten their environmental impact. 

Nantucket Footprints is a nexus of information and ideas to care for our Island. Visitors to the website will find local and global news stories, facts, and statistics about how to make green choices and a list of resources for Nantucket visitors and residents. Nantucket Footprints has also sponsored educational and public programming opportunities, including the Annual Nantucket Litter Derby and a screening of The Human Element, with filmmaker and photographer James Balog

ReMain’s has recently increased its support of Nantucket Public Works and its efforts to manage the Island’s recycling and composting programs more efficiently, including a study by the Nantucket Data Platform. In addition, we funded a joint study of microplastics in the ocean and our shellfish population by the Public Works staff and scholars from UMass Boston. 

We are also supporting the Town of Nantucket’s efforts to eliminate several of the most ubiquitous single-use plastics. Starting in 2020 a limited number of single-use plastics (including water bottles) will be banned and unavailable for purchase on the Island. To learn more about the ban, please visit the Town of Nantucket.

Also, read about our latest news about the launch of Envision Resilience: Nantucket Challenge.

For more stories about ReMain’s environmentally responsible projects, visit our Archives page.