ReMain seeks to promote the wiser use of natural resources in all of its operations, from simple office practices to major collaborations and investments.

We provided the funding for the Town’s initial efforts to monitor and encourage energy demand management on the Island, and for research about Nantucket Harbor’s water quality.

Our building at 10 Washington Street serves as both a transit station and an education center for environmental stewardship. From the beginning, ReMain has encouraged public transportation and biking to reduce pollution and dependence on individual automobile use, particularly during the busy summer season.

ReMain’s operations also encourage environmentally friendly practices by others. In its past non-profit event sponsorships, partners were required to adhere to the ReMain Sustainability Guidelines. While no longer sponsoring events, our non-profit support is now funded through the ReMain Nantucket Fund at The Community Foundation for Nantucket, and environmental stewardship is one of the grant-making criteria.

For more stories about ReMain’s environmentally responsible projects, visit our Archives page.